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The Mission

What exactly are we doing here? Our mission is to provide an informal study of the socio-cultural anthropology of the Google+ society.


The study of society… +1.

We’ve seen a lot of sites dedicated to helping you find out who to follow, the newest updates, interesting posts, and all sorts of different types of critical analysis.

SocioloG+ is your resource for the more cultural side of Google+.  We curate content from all over the Google+ network and present it to you in one place for easy viewing, always directing interaction back to the original posts.

Featuring your content on SocioloG+ is a great way to gain exposure to the “right” people, or just to more people!

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Beta? What do you mean, you’re in beta?

SocioloG+ is a website dedicated to the cultural evolution of a network on a platform that is also in beta: Google+. Everyone working on this team juggles other commitments and responsibilities. This site has been created out of a sincere, shared desire to make the G+ experience as rich as possible. We all want to see the platform succeed.

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The Team

+Ryan Crowe calls himself a "young, whippersnapper upstart working in the uncultivated field of social media" and a "Google+ User Experience Enthusiast," With a bevy of poly-syllabic adjectives and folky colloquialisms at his disposal, he is truly a force with which to be reckoned. Ryan started out on Google+ by creating a profile (GPlusTips) on which he publicly curated stream of tips and tricks for using Google+. After being shut down for violating Google’s name policy, he came back under his real name and now acts as a sort of digital sherpa for new users on Google+. Ryan contributes on several sites including pluscrunch.com, www.recommendedusers.com and googleplus.wonderhowto.com. In his free time, Ryan spends hours with his chinchillas, feeding them pieces of dry papaya and singing pre-Las Vegas era Elvis songs to himself in his bathroom mirror.

+Johnathan Chung is an early adopter and avid proponent of Google+ who is galvanized by the energy and excitement surrounding its innovative potential as the vanguard of social media platforms. His inquisitive nature, knack for social and technical comparative analysis, and compassionate disposition fuel his eagerness to explore and help others adapt to and build this incredible online community. He is currently Head Editor of SociologyPlus.com and a columnist for PlusCrunch.com. In the near future, he plans to pursue a career integrating his knowledge and experience in medicine with his love for science and technology. Not surprisingly, Johnathan has been known to have a prehensile affinity for gadgets, videogames, and percussion instruments and occasionally dabbles in music, digital photo manipulation, and competitive bowling.

+Drew Nicholson is an early-middle aged geek. He’s happily married the second time around, and has two fantastic sons. He’s a die hard Cubs fan, which contributes to his pathos, which makes being a poet marginally easier. He directed the Great Google+ Art Experiment video, which led directly to him being appointed Art Director of Sociologyplus.com, where he curates an arts community made up of painters and sketchers, musicians and songwriters, poets and videographers. Circle him on Google+, where he writes poetry and short stories while engaging in some of the best conversations on the net. He’s also the co-editor of the soon-to-be-online writing journal “Scriptorum Tantillum”, and has been published on CuriosityQuills.com. He harbors a deep love for Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, BSG, Horatio Hornblower, Farscape and David Brin novels, as well as a new found love for scotch to go with his long love affair with good beer.

+Mike Miller is a 33 year old geek who’s been married for 13 years. How his wife puts up with him he is still trying to quantify so he can bottle it and make a fortune from it. Until that boat comes in though, he makes his living as a freelance sysadmin for some pretty large Internet forums. Mike currently hosts and maintains the Sociologyplus.com website as well as brings his unique talents of not only being the team’s plucky comic relief but also interjecting inappropriate phrases into conversations at the most inappropriate times. He writes semi-regular articles on Google+ about Linux, video games, and occasionally his views on social media. He enjoys playing video games, table-top Role-playing games, and board games, as well as reading, watching TV and tinkering with his Home Theater PC. You should add him to your circles. Please, for the love of all things holy and sacred, add him to your circles so he finally shuts up about it. Also, Mike hates talking about himself in the third person.

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