Letters to My Ten Year Old Self

If you could write a letter to your 10-year-old self, what advice would you give? Which lessons do you wish you didn’t have to learn the hard way? What message do you feel would have made the greatest impact on your life? 

Today, Nina Pelletier and Drew Nicholson are proud to announce the very first e-book published by Scriptorum Tantillum, Letters to My Ten Year Old Self.

Letters to My Ten Year Old Self is an anthology of letters written by people of all ages to their younger selves. Here you’ll see humor, anger, loss, and love. These aren’t writers perfecting their craft; these are people pouring out their hearts onto the page. Come and read, and you will find yourself immersed in memories… some of them even your own. What would you write to your Ten Year Old Self? Read this book, and maybe you’ll find out.

Find out at Letters To My Ten Year Old Self.

Scriptorum Tantillum Publishing is a new venture by Nina Pelletier and Drew Nicholson founded on the idea that social networking can foster creativity and growth in a unique manner.

In the beginning was the Writing Prompt.  As most early adopters of Google+ will know, the first several weeks of the new social network included huge outpourings of creative energy and collaboration.  Nina was posting her writing prompts, and getting good response, but when she posted this one, something special happened.

The responses were compelling.  Compelling beyond what she had normally gotten.  This had gone beyond writers exercising their craft and turned into people pouring out their hearts onto the page.

And from these responses came an idea: these responses needed to be preserved.  Drew stepped up to assist with that task, and after a few days, we both realized that we could do something more than just preserve the responses for one writing prompt.  That is how Scriptorum Tantillum Publishing was born.  This is the first of what will be quarterly or bi-monthly journal issues.  We’re also working with some writers to publish works in full — and all of this evolved because of what people wrote to their ten-year-old selves.

Some of these pieces are short; some of them are long.  They include advice about relationships, jobs, and investment.  A few of them are funny.  Several of them are heart wrenching. All of them are real.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

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Author:Drew Nicholson & Nina Pelletier

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