Google+ Turns 1!

This post is from Matthew Rappaport posts on G+. I wanted to highlight all of the great things that can come from being active and consistent on G+. Just look at all of the great memories he lists below!

-Ryan Crowe


+Google+ is an EVENT that turns ONE YEAR OLD today! ( #newnews )
I’ve met many amazing people over the course of this year through Hangouts, the stream, other plussers, recommendations and all over this here + .

Throughout my time here I’ve done a few things (one is make many posts with lovely +mention s that earned me the #rappatag  / #taggaport  nicknames ala +Cliff Roth) . .

Without a doubt besides meeting many, connecting a ton to each other, helping a lot to that “Aha!” moment, sharing +999999999+ laughs, mentoring #hangoutsonair  shows, helping to establish G+ culture (+G+ Achievement Unlocked!), supporting as many as possible, getting issues resolved, talking more in one year than ever before [gotta be close!], going full force with +Google+ Your Business Pages including +G+ Business Pages Directory & +Shared Circles on G+, creating +Hangout Conversations, +Conversations+, & +The PLUStainment Show  #hangoutsonair   while +Tearing through the Legends, planning & attending the 1st Big G+ +H.I.R.L. weekend in Feb 2012 ( #nychirl  / now #nychirl2  coming in August 2012!), and being part of an extremely passionate group of people from plussers to googlers to cool people doing +Plustastic what I call ZEALOUS EXALTATION [Really dedicated excitement!]!

Major and Minor keys aside .. I want to relive my G+ Historical Times,+Hangout Moments and more with you:

My 1st Ever Hangout:

My 1st Meeting of +chee chew and +Rebecca Woodhead:

An Early +foodporn +Reshare via +Wleyner Machado:

Catching Wind of +Chris Pirillo …”making his night” :

Zombie Master +byron rempel turning me UNDEAD :

The Day G+ Passed 10 Million . . close to 30x that a year later!:

+3 of Mini’s earlier appearances on PLUS (And via MOBILE):

A +Joseph Lee SHOUTOUT – My broseph:

Early #rappavision  from G+ App:

Hanging out with a lot of the early +Hangouters and winding up on +Cam Meadows fun hangbook post:

+Aaron Wood asking for a PLUS UNO man:

One of those EARLY Social Network gifs:

I’m ON a Plane:

+Mike Stenger shares an early HANGOUTS Idea:

I’m ON a Farm:

+2 :

Hanging Out during Hurricane Irene:

#occupyseattle  LIVE with +Nicci Moon reporting:

Episodes 1 & 2 of +Hangout Conversations  with guests +Daniel Armendariz and +Jeffrey Powers :

My HANGOUTS Collage:

BEHIND the +Bacon 1 and 2:

Being Interviewed by +Toby Stein and +Google+ Your Business :

Premiere episode of +The PLUStainment Show when it was all tv/movies with +Jane Ellen :

The +Matt Makowsky invasion and format flip: [w/+Women of Google+ drop in +Lynette Young]

The 1st appearance of +Paulie Tenth :

My very 1st +Shared Circles on G+ Posts:
Spreading the pluslove to so many, sharing people/stories/content/zealous exaltation :

Live from the NYC +H.I.R.L. HQ:

I could post link after link after post and memory . .


Thanks to YOU+ All! ! Love love love love love love love love ya, plusstars!

Link to your favorite posts, memories, people, quotes, pics, videos and more below! !

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