Top 40 Posts about Google+, week of 6/29/2012

1. [Well, I got my first notice of sharing copyrighted material on Google+.] – By +Alida Brandenburg
2. Google+ lets you control email after you’ve sent it! – By +Mike Elgan
3. How Google+ makes you an email ninja! – By +Mike Elgan
4. You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) +Nils Tschampel Circle Count – By +pio dal cin
5. The Energy of Circles and Synchronicity on Google Plus – By +Shira Gal
6. Google+ Tip: Moving Images from the “Photos from Posts” Album – By +Nicole S. Young
7. 3 Steps that Help You Share your Hangout On Air Publicly – By +Ronnie Bincer
8. Challenging the idea that Google+ is a ‘man cave.’ – By +Mike Elgan
9. Another thing that’s surprised me in Google+’s first year of adoption and use is how quickly – By +Denise Howell
10. 18 Reasons Why Google+ is Better for All kind of business? – By +Rahul Roy
11. Google+ simplified(pic by +Gabriel Vasile ) – By +Jaana Nyström
12. Google+ Local for iOS has arrived – By +Google+
13. Introducing +Dori Storbeck – New Community Manager for Hangouts – By +Natalie Villalobos
14. Have you ever wanted an easy way to discover apps that your friends like? – By +Google Chrome
15. New Google+ User? – By +Denis Labelle
16. Google+ is a +G+ Ghost Town … +1 and Share if You Exist. ( :   – By +CIRCLES @
17. How to find Google+ content on your Jelly Bean Android gadget! – By +Mike Elgan
18. GOOGLE PLUS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE – By +Shamil Weerakoon
19. Why do more people use Google+ on mobile devices? – By +Mike Elgan
20. Control your posts on Google – By +Vinay VNP
21. Google+ Hangouts Get Closed Captioning, Transcripts – By +Rahul Roy
22. Google+ getting sued – By +Patrick Sharpe
23. Check out who’s birthday today is – By +CircleCount
24. Google+ Circles for #behaviour – in which circle do you want to be seen? – By +Karin Sebelin
25. 25.2 million active +Google+-users in Europe – By +Arvid Bux
26. A massive resource for your interests – By +Jaana Nyström
27. How to use Google+ and Make Social Work for You – By +Denis Labelle
28. Did Google Borrow the Idea for Google+ Events? – By +Rahul Roy
29. Different approach to Google+ – By +Jaana Nyström
30. New Google+ User -> Stay in touch with the mobile app – By +Denis Labelle
31. New Google+ User -> Share photo with the right people – By +Denis Labelle
32. 7 Ways to Use Google+ – By +Billy Wilson
33. YouTube Users Can Now Switch Their Usernames To Their Google+ Profiles – By +Rahul Roy
34. The importance of a profile photo By +Alex Garcia

35. Google+ Hangouts get live captions – By +Tim Moore
36. Google+ feed, newsletter and widget – By +Francois Brutsch
37. 8 TOP Google+ Photographs for July 3 – By +Jarek Klimek
38. Useful pages for Google+ newcomers – or are they? – By +Jaana Nyström
39. My bakers dozen of Google+ Stream Pet Peeves :-) – By +Jaana Nyström
40. Google+ Hangouts can now be used by the hearing impaired – By +Peter Bailey
41. +Hangout Captions: A new App – By +Denis Labelle
42. How Time Magazine Gained 1.2 Million Google+ Followers – By +Glenn Gabe
43. Did you know that you can search for events in your area? – By +Andreas Roedl
44. 8 TOP Google+ Photographs for July 3 – By +Kol Tregaskes
45. 30 Days After The Switch From Google Places To Google+ Local, 2X Sales Results – By +Rahul Roy
46. Google+ has a problem. – By +Mashable
47. +Google+ is an EVENT that turns ONE YEAR OLD today! ( #newnews ) – By +matthew rappaport
48. Add Recent Photos to Google+ Events – By +Rahul Roy

Circle of the week: *YOU ARE #AWESOME * – By +Moan Lisa
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Plusser of the week: +Elle Gray  (welcome back) and +Eli Fennell

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    Thanks for including a share of mine on your list this week. :-)

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