Future of banking – How its going to get Changed

Future of banking – How its going to get Changed

Everything started to change when the technology has started to evolve like from the food we eat to the way we live our lives. Like 50-100 years the way we live it’s completely different from the way that we are actually living now. This is the reason why we are saying that it all happened when technology has started to evolve.

Though there are like lots of positives things with the evolution of technology, still there are some negative things that made us forget the positive things that it has done it to us.

The biggest of all is definitely the destruction of Nature for sure, and the evolution of health hazards, in simple it has made us very much lazy and get us addicted to mobile phones.

Because like during the old time’s people used to work a lot and even when they like wanted to relax they’ll spend time with family or like read some book or even they’ll be like go to new places or else they’ll spend some good time with their family.

But we like about most of the people spend our leisure time playing games, watching videos, addicted to social media since these are the things that have made us gave a negative impact on technology.

Definitely one of the positive improvement the evolution of technology has made is the improvement of the field of Banking.

From internet banking to credit card payment everything has like happened because of the technological improvement for sure.

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Banking Future

So this is how the filed of Banking going to get changed like after a period of 20 years

  • There will be like Robots may be implemented at the bank’s cash counter and like there were 12 people in the bank, 6 will be humans and the remaining will be robots.
  • When you need to like make payments during purchasing you don’t need to use your credit card or debit cards you can just use your fingerprints for payments. Like it’s going to be your card and your Id.
  • When you need to send payments to someone you can make it like in mobile phone by speaking itself like whom to send and the amount that needs to be sent by the using your voice itself mobile devices will do the job for sure.
  • And next is the approval of loans will also be done with your fingerprints itself.

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Lots of things are definitely going to change in future, but we don’t know how its going to get changed.

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